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SubscriberMail by Harland Clarke Digital


Reporting metrics

SubscriberMail provides the tools you need for full tracking and analysis of email messages and campaigns, arming you with the information you need to improve results.

Gain valuable insight by seeing who opened your email and what they clicked, who forwarded and who opted out of your list - all within seconds of it happening.

Our in-depth recipient behavior tracking also measures what means your audience is using to engage with your messages, including desktop applications such as Outlook, browsers such as Firefox, and mobile devices including popular smartphones and tablets.

All reports can be viewed online at anytime or can be exported to CSV or PDF. SubscriberMail reporting provides you with the following statistics:

  • Total accepted messages
  • Total renders/opens (including mobile vs non-mobile)
  • Unique confirmed opens
  • Total and unique clicks (including mobile vs non-mobile)
  • Average recipient render rate
  • Click-to-open rate
  • Most popular links per message
  • Forwards
  • Hard and soft bounces
  • Unsubscribes

SubscriberMail's advanced reporting features allow you to combine or compare message statistics at a glance. Additional custom reports are also available at client request.