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SubscriberMail by Harland Clarke Digital

Message Testing

SubscriberMail offers the features you need to perform thorough testing of each and every campaign

Inadequate testing of email campaigns can lead to mistakes that embarrass your brand, a poor experience for recipients, or all-around poor results—all of which are not only unacceptable, but avoidable.

Send your campaigns with confidence, thanks to SubscriberMail's message preview and testing capabilities.

  • Inbox Experience 
    It doesn't get easier than Inbox Experience — with just a few clicks you can view your emails as they will appear in over 20 different email applications, including desktop (e.g., Outlook, Entourage), webmail (e.g., Hotmail, Gmail) and mobile devices (e.g., iPad, iPhone, Android). Ideal for identifying potential display issues, Inbox Experience also includes the ability to preview messages with images enabled or disabled.
  • Test deployments 
    Quickly send a test of your campaign to internal or external recipients for real-world feedback.
  • Dynamic content testing 
    SubscriberMail's dynamic email marketing content offers nearly unlimited possibilities for delivering a customized recipient experience, but don't take our word for it. Dynamic content testing allows system users to preview messages as if they belong to different segments of the intended audience.
  • User access roles 
    Prevent unauthorized deployments by implementing a user role hierarchy in SubscriberMail. Limit specific users' ability to create, edit and/or deploy messages.
  • A/B testing
    SubscriberMail's list segmentation options let you split your list(s) into sample cells to test variable elements of your campaigns such as subject lines, graphics, layout, calls-to-action, deployment date/time, etc.
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