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Top-Level Reporting

Enterprise email reporting metrics

What's happening across your enterprise email program? With the top-level reporting capabilities of SM:Enterprise, the answers are always there when you need them.

SM:Enterprise creates a clear, information-rich picture by constructing different points of view for different network segments. For example, aggregate reports (e.g., a rollup of all monthly messages) give your organization a high-level perspective of message activity across your enterprise email program. Monitor program participation across different business units, while gaining visibility into the use of (or lack of) approved message content that was shared down into participant accounts for inclusion in email campaigns.

Messages can also be combined or compared within a specific channel, making it easy to isolate specific locations, dealers, or other business units to assess participation and performance.

At Harland Clarke Digital we are always sensitive to security concerns. That's why SM:Enterprise allows for the creation of account user roles to define what level of detail each user can see.

The flexibility and command offered by SM:Enterprise has made it a valuable component of some of the world's most sophisticated email programs.