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Account Hierarchy

Email account hierarchy

The SM:Enterprise channel email marketing solution allows you to effortlessly control email communications across your organization or network through a customized account hierarchy.

Dealers, agents, business units, divisions and franchise locations can independently generate email messages and campaigns, while your brand message is supported by uniformity, consistency and impact.

The SM:Enterprise account hierarchy allows brands the ability to distribute approved content from a master account level into a sub-account level(s) for use in email campaigns, making it easy to ensure up-to-date branding standards, lock down product price points and descriptions, and monitor use of the system by program participants.

The ability to share or lock virtually every aspect of the system affords enormous flexibility and control at different levels. For example, you may choose to share or lock templates, headers, content, and/or images to enhance compliance and maintain professional appearances. Specific email lists can also be locked, keeping individual names or individual activity confidential.

For your distributed marketing program, SM:Enterprise offers the control and flexibility to leverage the full power of the email channel.